German summer camp in Germany

Immerse yourself in the German language and culture. Our summer camps in Germany for juniors and teens offer the perfect opportunity to discover Germany for yourself. With international classes, sports and activities for all tastes and discoveries of all kinds, you’ll love it! Read more…
A reputation of excellence
Learning German means learning the most widely-spoken native language in the European Union.

But it also means learning the language of a country, Germany, which is a great economic power on an international level and whose reputation of excellence in many domains is firmly established. The German brands and creations which would deserve the title of "Weltmeister" are numerous. But it is above all necessary not to reduce Germany and the Germans to this cliché of serious people manufacturing solid products of accomplished technology.

The multiple facets of Germany
Germany is also the country of great composers, great philosophers and writers who have marked history. And even today, Germany is one of the most active countries in all of the artistic domains. And then, there is the Germany of sports players, those who have made it be said that football is a game which is played eleven against eleven and in the end, it is always the Germans who win

There is also the Germany of festivals, the Germany of multiple natural beauties, from the Black Forest to the coasts of the North, the Germany of shows, concerts, castles, theatres and operas, shopping centres, scientific and university centres.

A cutting edge country a language study trip
In short, Germany is at the cutting edge in all domains and there is really something for all tastes, for all ages and for all desires. Our German summer camps in Germany are the perfect introduction to this unique country.
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