Welcome to our centre ESL Freiburg (13-17 years)

ESL’s Freiburg course centre is located in a quiet environment at the edge of the forest, 20 minutes to the town centre. The building offers comfortable, fully furnished bedrooms with private bathroom for 4 students. The classrooms as well as the cafeteria are located on the ground floor and surrounded by sunny terraces and gardens. Close to the course centre, there is a large sports centre with swimming pool, various football, volleyball and basketball grounds as well as other facilities, where participants will make the most of a wide range of sports and outdoor activities.

Effective supervision

Our experience of language study stays for juniors naturally leads us to pay very particular care to the supervision of the participants.

Present and available from the first to the last day, our team of specially trained ESL monitors gives the required assistance and watches over everything. Adapted to the age of the participants and to the type of accommodation booked, this attentive and effective supervision manages to remain discrete. It allows for everyone to enjoy their stay in complete freedom and security.

Pocket money service, the pluses of ESL

A “pocket money” service is provided in all of the residential course venues. Functioning on the principle of a bank, this service allows students to withdraw or deposit money every day if they so wish.

How to get to the course centre

By plane
Freiburg is located close to the international airports of Basel / Mulhouse, Zürich and Frankfort. You can reserve a special transfer and, in this way, an ESL employee welcomes you on your arrival and drives you from the airport of your choice as far as the course centre.

By car
Parents wishing to accompany their children as far as the course venue are welcome. Complete information with a map of access will be sent to you.

By train
You can book a free transfer from Freiburg train station organised by ESL. An ESL employee welcomes you on your arrival and drives you as far as the course venue.

Quality labels

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