Renamed in 2014, ALPADIA benefits from the heritage of ESL Language Schools’ two decades of experience in language education. ALPADIA offers all year round schools for adults and summer camp junior programs in Switzerland, France, Germany and England.
Each year, our schools welcome more than 6,000 students from all over the world.

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Study a foreign language at ESL

Quality courses

You will make rapid progress with ESL. Our schools offer a modern and effective teaching method delivered by qualified teachers, with well-planned and motivating lessons adapted to all language levels and designed to allow for maximum interaction between the teacher and students. Each student also benefits from continuous assessment throughout his or her stay. This is an innovative and attractive way to learn a foreign language. You will develop your skills without even realising it!

Handpicked teachers

Great teaching requires great teachers. Our carefully selected teachers have all the necessary qualifications and experience to teach a foreign language. However, we ask for more than just an official qualification from our teachers. They are chosen for their enthusiasm, their ability to create exciting and interactive lessons and for the attention they pay to each student. This lively and personalised teaching is the guarantee of long-lasting progress.

A learning level for everyone

Whatever your language skills, ESL has a course to meet your needs and goals. Following a thorough assessment of your existing language knowledge, you will be assigned to a class suitable for your level. Our table of levels conforms to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is the European standard for foreign language teaching. Throughout the course, multiple oral and written activities allow the teacher to continuously assess students’ progress and offer personalised solutions to each individual.

An effective teaching method

In order to guarantee effective and high-quality teaching, we have a clear and efficient teaching plan. We are convinced that by making communication our priority, with clearly identified objectives and the use of interactive activities, we can achieve the best results. Our classes have between 6 and 12 students, which means that each student can take an active part in lessons.

We have based our approach to language teaching on achieving concrete, operational linguistic aims, and not on exercises and automatic reflexes acquired out of context. In this way, you will develop your know-how and be encouraged to use it in practical situations.

We use various recognised FLE (French as a Foreign Language) and DaF (German as Foreign Language) methods and regularly use the news as well as other resources available for use in a multicultural class.

Course certificate and official exams

At the end of your language study stay at ESL, you will receive a course certificate stating the level you have reached. You can also sit one of the many French or German exams available in our schools or at the official exam centres located close-by.

In terms of exams, ESL offers a particularly impressive range:
DELF/DALF exams: 3 sessions a year, following a specific preparation course.
TCF exams: 1 session a month at the school, following a specific preparation course.
Goethe Zertifikat exams: 1 session a month, following a specific preparation course.
TELC Deutsch exams: 1 session a month at the school, following a specific preparation course.
TestDaF exams: 5 sessions a year at the school, following a specific preparation course.

Recognised by French and German official institutions, these certificates have an excellent reputation in the academic and professional worlds. Passing one of these exams is a great asset for your future. Whatever your level, aims and availability, you will find the exam that suits you.

Your first morning at the language school

It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you at the school. It is also an excellent chance for you to meet the ESL team members and put names to the faces of the people working to make your language course a success.

After a welcome speech, we will take you around the school and give you all the documents and information you need before beginning class. This includes a course guide, a student card (giving you discounts in some shops and establishments) and a presentation of the daily activities programme. You will have everything you need to get your stay off to a great start.

Tailor-made teaching

A crucial factor that often makes all the difference is class size. At ESL, we believe in teaching groups of limited numbers (between 6 and 10 students on average, with a maximum of 12) in order to ensure personalised assessment to each student, even in group classes. We guarantee high-quality teaching and excellent teacher-student interaction, which means that students are given more opportunities to practise the studied language. Classrooms with modular furniture allow for great flexibility and can easily adapt to each individual teaching style.
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