Summer camps for juniors and teens from 8 years

The variety and quality of our language study trips for younger learners illustrate ESL’s know how and experience in the field. Each destination is selected and each programme, down to the last detail, is designed in order to offer a harmonious combination of language learning, leisure and holidays.
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Located in exceptional areas, our course centres provide ideal conditions, comfortable accommodation, activities programmes for all tastes and maximum security to our younger clientele.
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Summer Camps In England

Come and soak up the English language and culture. Our London summer camp for teens is perfectly located in the heart of the city to make your dreams of learning and experiencing this unique capital a reality...
Summer Camps In England

English Courses In England


Summer Camps In Switzerland

Switzerland, a magnificent country in the heart of Europe, is seen as a haven of peace between lakes and mountains...
Summer Camps In Switzerland

French Courses in Switzerland

German Courses in Switzerland

Italian Courses in Switzerland

English Courses in Switzerland


Summer Camps In France

Who hasn’t dreamed of holidays in France? A country that occupies a special place, the place of the heart, in people's imaginations...
Valbonne s/Cannes
Summer Camps In France

French Courses in France

English Courses in France


Summer Camps In Germany

Learn a language in one of the most interesting parts of Europe. Our summer camps in Germany for juniors and teens are the perfect way to discover this beautiful country...
Summer Camps In Germany

German Courses In Germany


English Courses In Germany

Italian courses
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