Learn German in Germany

An exceptional cultural heritage, a thriving industry, cities open onto the world… Between eccentric Berlin and traditional Freiburg, let yourself be carried away by the varied charms of this beautiful country in the heart of Europe! Read more…
An amazing cultural heritage
Take advantage of your language trip to Germany to discover its exceptional cultural heritage! For Germany is – and has always been – an extraordinary land of creation. It engendered mighty artists, architects with revolutionary ideas, a prestigious movie industry… While Bach and Beethoven are still celebrated in concert halls throughout the world, Goethe gave German literature all its prestige, Walter Gropius changed the course of architecture and Schiller magnified poetry. Let alone a wonderful architectural heritage: there are some 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany!

A thriving industry
But while Germany excels in the arts, it is also Europe’s first economic power. Today, it competes with the United States and Japan for the lead of the world economy. The reputation of German products, which combine quality and solidity, and sometimes even comfort and luxury, is well established and a rigorous and conscientious management has made Germany an admired and envied economic model.

The heart of the European Union
As you may have guessed, German is a major language in the economic world. It is all the more important since Germany now occupies a central position in Europe, at the frontier between Eastern and Western Europe. With the enlargement of the EU, the country will even become its very epicentre, and as a consequence, THE place for business.

Speaking German therefore means opening yourself to Europe as a whole, making a link between the East and the West. So hesitate no longer and set off on a language trip to Germany! In Berlin, its bustling capital city, or in Freiburg, at the doors of the Black Forest, discover a multifaceted country that has so much to offer!

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