Visas et permis pour la France

Un visa vous est-il nécessaire ?

La procédure de demande de visa dépend de la nationalité de l'étudiant et de la durée du séjour. Pour connaître la procédure adéquate il est important de vérifier si un visa est nécessaire ou non. Pour le savoir, consultez le Département d'Etat.

Procédure d'obtention d'un visa

- Fill out the questionnaire for a « short stay » visa
- Prepare your files and the following documents :
  • Recent passport-sized photograph
  • Valid travel document (valid for at least three months longer than the visa applied for)
  • Ticket for the entire outward and return journey (at the time of the application's presentation, only documentary evidence of the reservation is required)
  • Documentary evidence of training course pursued: certificate of pre-registration or registration at a private or public educational establishment, or at a vocational training or continuous training establishment, certificate of receipt of grant/scholarship, certificate of participation in a European Union training programme, standard letter from the DDTEFP (Departmental Employment and Vocational Training Directorate) in the case of a stage d'information (work shadowing scheme), or traineeship/placement agreement between the firm and the training establishment*
  • Documentary evidence of accommodation in France: attestation d'accueil (official proof of residence or projected residence), hotel reservation, title deeds or rental agreement, or any documentary evidence of ownership or rental of accommodation* Documentary evidence of means of support for the duration of the stay: currency, international bank card, traveller's cheques or certificate of receipt of a grant stating its duration and amount
  • Assistance agreement covering medical and repatriation expenses, where appropriate

*You receive these confirmations from the ESL, after the regulation of teaching and accommodation costs.

Then take up contact with the embassy of your country in France.
The treatment of the visa request lasts normally 2 to 15 days.


The visa request « short stay » must be placed with the French embassy in the student’s country.

The extension of the visa « short stay » its not possible in France, for this the student has to go back to his country.
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